Heading For A Divorce?

heading for a divorce 49

…If you are then seek these answers from your honest soul!

Have you ever felt that your husband is not giving you attention, your relation does not hold same love, and warmth as it was in before?

Even he might be feeling the same. Do not think that your husband has someone else in his life or he is bored from you rather, there can be many other reasons to be considered. Here, are some considerations to be kept in mind by the couple:

Do you give equal time to him? Or you are just happily busy with your infant!

Are you suffering from postpartum depression? Its a depression, which can affect women and less frequently men after childbirth.

Do you take your partner for granted?

Are you always dominating your wife, which makes her unhappy and away from you

Its not that break is the only remedy to your relation.
Infact you can seek guidance from a couple counselor.

Atleast plan a baby after one year of your marriage.

Speak your heart to your partner. Telling him/her how overwhelmed you are. And, other should try to sympathize and sort out some solution.

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