Most hilarious cakes for your wedding

Not all the weddings are completely formal. There are many couples who wish to celebrate their wedding in the most humorous way one can possibly imagine. If you too fall into the league of those happy souls, then ditch the traditional way and give a light-hearted approach to your wedding. And, what better way to kick off the amusing extravaganza than planning a wedding cake which is not just yummy, but funny too. Add an electric flair to reception area and make your wedding more personal than formal by choosing a cake that strikes the funniest incident from your life. Take a look at a few crazily hilarious options!

Explore my body

Making it up with miss scorpion

Slice that part

Cut it right there

Feel it wherever you go

Funny blood wedding cake

Fighter couple wedding cake

Booty cake

Let’s bite the theeth

Apple bottom

Pooh cake

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