How hiring a wedding planner could save you a lot of trouble

Wedding Planner

Contrary to the fairy tales, a perfect wedding requires a huge amount of work, that entails stress filled days and raw emotions. Weddings are filled with emotional expectations, and continuous drama. Even the most rational people often go crazy when it comes to planning weddings. When you put this full time job on top of other responsibilities, it is easy to see why so many people choose to hire a wedding planner. But the process of hiring a planner takes some forethought and careful consideration. If you live in Vancouver, event planner services are not rare, but finding the right planner can make a huge difference on your big day. Here is a checklist of things to consider why you need to hire a wedding planner.

Wedding planner can handle it better?

You need to be absolutely certain that everything will be perfect. You should expect manageable chaos on your special day with last minute demands that will most likely fall directly on your shoulders. Can you handle it and still be cool and calm, and smiling for the cameras? If not, you need to hire a wedding planner.

Do you have the time?

Planning your wedding will take considerable time and energy with some weeks requiring a full time commitment. On average, you should set aside 15 hours per week to plan your wedding. If you are traveling to a destination for your wedding, it will require more of your time. Can you spare this time? If not, you need a wedding planner.

How many guests are coming?

If you are putting together a ceremony and reception for more than 100 guests, chances are that it would be a really big task. These situations are where good wedding planners excel. So if you are planning to have a big wedding, you need a wedding planner.

Do you have a tight budget?

It seems counter-intuitive to spend more money on something to save you money, but that is what will often happen with the right wedding planner. These professionals know how to negotiate for services you need and have relationships with venues and vendors who they work with all the time. They can push to fetch you the best prices. So spending money on a wedding planner can actually save you money.

Are you looking for a non-traditional wedding?

Churches and hotels make great wedding venues because there you’ll find much of the required elements that you would need for the wedding. However, if you are holding your wedding in a home, garden, loft, museum or some other location that is not a full service venue, things will complicate further. Finding the right equipment and logistics will take planning and coordination that a professional usually excels at, and this requires a wedding planner.

Planning a wedding with so many details to arrange and problems to solve requires hard work, intense focus and coordination. If you are not sure about your ability to handle all of it on your own, you need to hire a wedding planner.

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