Hospitalized father views daughters wedding through Laptop

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Technology has advanced to such an extent that now even if you are missing out some special event held at your home and you far away at some distant place you can watch it through a laptop.

This is precisely what Al Decatur, did when he was lying low on the hospital bed. This happened in Middleton: as 29 years old Allyson Decatur was taking her steps down the aisle, towards her to-be husband, along with her two elder brothers. She silently moped away her dropping tears and with a cute smile meant for her father she waved him at the camera.

Al Decatur is struggling hard with lungs cancer surgery and through his eyes shimmering with tear drops he said:

It was absolutely wonderful. I felt like I was there. It was the day I dreamed about my entire life.

While his daughter echoed the same sentiments:

It was really emotional. I wanted him here, but he was here in my heart and in spirit.

Thanks a lot to the latest technical boons, which made it possible both for the father and daughter to keep the memories of those golden moments locked deep in their hearts.

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