How Indian weddings have evolved in recent times

Indian wedding

In India, a marriage is a big business as it involves the whole family, friends and all the people who you know. From planning for the wedding venue to shopping for the bride, so many things to work on until the wedding takes place. Many rituals, traditions, and cultures are followed but over the years, the concept of Indian wedding has changed, whether its venue, the planning, wedding attire or wedding décor. Let’s see some of the recent changes at a wedding which have changed the concept of the Indian wedding.

1.     Wedding planners

Wedding plannersThere was a time when the preparation of the wedding starts 3, 4 months prior as people used to arrange everything themselves. Whether its venue, wedding décor, food arrangements, photographers or taking care of the guest. But today it’s not so. With the rising trends, the wedding planners took all this in hands, now they take care of everything at the wedding.

Right from the wedding preparation to the bidai of the bride. You just have to select a wedding planner which you can do online too and they can take care of everything for your wedding. They make your wedding super easy keeping in mind all the details and preference which you provide to them. And all this is done under your preferred budget; they do everything in your budget and on time. So just have to make your selection, sit back and enjoy the beautiful moments with your loved ones.

2.     Destination weddings

Destination weddings

One of the most popular trends which are getting famous among couples is a destination wedding. It is getting eminent with time and now continues to remain popular in the coming year too. Destination wedding where couple selects a different location, place, and venue for their marriage away from their home. One of the reasons for this type of wedding is the couple wanted to have their wedding as a very personal affair.  So they wanted to have a limited number of people at their wedding and a not whole lot of crowd for it. This is a setting where you get to know the family and the couple, and people get the chance to spend time together to understand the new relationship and bond between two families.

3.     Limited wedding budgets

wedding budget

Indian wedding is all about spending lots and lots. One of the reasons behind this extravagance is that some people really want to show off their status in society. But now this also evolved over time, the couples now want to invest in the things that they really want. They don’t go by spending just for the sake of it. This is something many couples are taking into considerations. Instead of making the wedding a big and large impersonal affair, it has become a more personal affair with intimate gathering which is the best things happening in today’s world. Especially the brides and the grooms take the responsibility for their marriage and manage everything as per they want. In this situation, there are fewer chances of spending more and budget is also maintained.

4.     Wedding Outfits and styles

Wedding Outfits

There was a time when the bride’s outfit used to be only in red and maroon. But now the idea has been changed with time. Brides nowadays really want unique attire for them. Red is no longer the dominant color in wedding outfits. Instead of that colors like gold, silver, yellow are making their place in wedding attire. Sometimes brides also want to go for completely white dress with a pop of red in it and a colorful Dupatta with white lehenga. Brides are also wanted to have multicolor or neon color in their attire. Brides today know what they want after they do a lot of research on this. They know what color, fabric, texture, and jewelry they want. So many options, ideas, and varieties are available in online shopping, and now it is much easier to choose the perfect one for you.

5.     Change in Food trends

Change in Food trends

In the changing wedding world, one of the things which have changed with the time is the demand for food. In earlier times, the wedding food was more of a big buffet and royal setup. But today, the choice and the preferences have changed in terms of food. They want more of new cuisine and different varieties of food menu instead of the typical Indian wedding food menu. Regional cuisines are more into action nowadays where people like to experiment with the food. One of the new trends is people are moving towards having fresh food or the food which have been prepared in front of them and live.

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