How to have an eco-friendly wedding

If you are one among those couples who do not want to cause any damage to the environment on your wedding day with the wastages that will pile up by the end of the day, here are some excellent tips to avoid it.

1.Make sure that the venue for the wedding ceremony and the reception is in the same place. This will help in doing away with the transportation mess.

2.Go for a vintage designer gown rather than getting some polyester and silk dresses.

3.Say no to paper invitation and email your wedding guests.

4.Book local caterers and ask them to provide with organic products and all the vegetables that are seasonal.

5.You may choose rings made of synthetic diamonds instead of gold wedding bands.

6.Organic wine would just be fine for the occasion.

7.Gift you guests with a plant instead of some artificial gifts.

8.Buy only seasonal flowers.


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