An insight into contemporary Yemeni wedding

We hardly know what kind of wedding ceremony the Islam nation practices. However, we know quite a lot about the Christian weddings.

The present-day wedding ceremonies last for ten long days with each day being entertained by a woman signer. This woman generally charges for a considerably high amount.

You will be surprised to know that the bridal outfit alone cost near about $1,000 to $3,000 and for all the ten days, she has different wedding gowns. Not to mention other accessories such as the footwear’s and ornaments which are specially designed to go along with the dress.

The bride is heavily loaded with gold ornaments weighing 10 kilos at times. I am surprised to know this, is not it too much?

Anyways, the brides always buy dresses from Arab and Europe and never from Yemen and good gracious do you want to know how many bags they need, to get these outfits back to Yemen? It starts from seven and pushes up to thirty.

Among other attractions, TV dancers are booked to perform in the weddings, so much so that these days even male singers are invited to sing at an all-ladies wedding ceremonies. The foreign singers are now slowly replacing the local groups.

Man! How they can afford to have such an extravagant ceremony, god knows? Anyways folks, what do you think about the bridal outfits that they change every single day?

I am sure you are tempted to know more about wedding ceremonies around the world. I will come up with more such stuff soon.


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