How to keep your man happy??

happy manOften couples tend to take each other for granted after marriage?? Why is it so?? Why can’t be things the way it used to be before marriage??

Well the answer to all these questions is here: Before marriage we take care of each others need and take out time for one another instead of the hectic work schedule and everything else. But marriage changes them all. When two people are constantly living in the same house, slowly as times fly life become monotonous coz now the person that you always wanted to be with you is right there by your side.
You no longer go out on dating and no longer find time for each other as you used to. But this is not the way it should be.

Rules to be observed

Don’t complain about your partner but have a good understanding. Instead of complaining each other that you don’t fulfill each other needs any more just try to work things out.

What was it that made you attracted towards him before marriage but now that you have him/her the romance is out of the window. Always remember that complimenting each other and expressing to him that he is still the most handsome man that you used to admire and still love him even better makes a lot of difference.

Don’t ever criticize each other, coz this is the worst thing that you will do to create misunderstandings. If one of you is angry just take a deep breath and stay alone rather than hurling words which you can’t take back later on.

Never ever let the

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