How to monitor your cheating fiancé / spouse’s WhatsApp with spy software

You and your sweetheart may be having problems in your relationship. You may have noticed him/her chatting on WhatsApp continuously, and being uncomfortable around you if any message comes. This behaviour may raise the dreaded question of infidelity in your mind. Rather than suspecting, it’s better to be sure. You can do that with the help of spy software that you can install on your spouse/fiancé’s phone. You will get to know all calls and messages and maybe you’ll get to know that there is actually no cause for worry.

How to choose tracking software for WhatsApp chat

As WhatsApp is a third party app, you have to choose a spy app which supports WhatsApp. It should save chats and conversations, images, voice chats, videos, should have a GPS phone tracker, and give you access to see all groups joined. The spyware should give you an account with password which you can log in anywhere, anytime, and check all recorded chats etc.

How to spy on WhatsApp chat

There are many spy softwares online which are compatible with WhatsApp. You can type spy whatsapp chat free download and download the software which meets your criteria. You could also buy a spy app, if you want some extra features. Take a look at some effective spy apps which are popular right now. 


mSpy has many advanced features, as you can monitor WhatsApp through the web panel. You can set alerts and controls, and access keylogger features, which records all keystrokes that are pressed. But you must have the phone owner’s permission, which may defeat your purpose. 



Mobistealth solves your problem of ‘how to spy on whatsapp chat’ as it has WhatsApp compatibility, supports spying on both iPhone and Android platforms. It offers both call recording and remote microphone monitoring (which mSpy does not offer), so that you can hear your spouse / fiancé’s conversations. 

What are the minimum requirements to track WhatsApp 

For Android phones

In order to use spy apps on your android phone, it has to be ‘rooted’. If it is not, you can’t use spyware on that Android phone.

For iPod/iPad/iPhone

You would have to ‘jailbreak’ any Apple device in order to install and use the spy app. 

For Nokia/ Blackberry/Windows Phone

There is no spyware available for these phones, even if you search spy whatsapp chat free download, for WhatsApp or other third party IMs. You can monitor from these devices if your target device is any iOS or Android tablet or phone.

The benefit of using spy software is peace of mind, as you’d be certain whether or not you’re being cheated on. It might be that your spouse / fiancé is faithful to you and the spy app’s findings will bring you closer.

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