How to save $3,000 on your wedding budget

The American wedding industry is suddenly going crazy with the service providers hiking their price rapidly.

It is almost impossible to plan the kind of wedding that you have dreamt all along. Well folks, here comes your savior three quick ways suggested by Millie Martini Bratten, the editor in chief of Bride’s magazine.

No professional DJ

For the wedding music you do not always have to hire a DJ, you can always ask your musician friend to help you out on you special day. It will be a gift from his side.

No Floral decoration

It will cost you a lot, if you want some floral centerpieces on all the guest tables. Forget that idea and settle down for glass bowls that you can rent for $10 each and fill them with colored waters and put three to four colorful votives on those bowls. You can also out few flower heads.

Go for a small designer cake and a sheet cake

If you buy a designer wedding cake ($600), make sure that you get a smaller version and a sheet cake for $575; you will easily save a lot.

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