How to adjust in an ‘unwanted’ wedding party

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If you have to attend a wedding party which least interests you, you will find yourself sulking the entire time if you do not keep yourself occupied.

Try some tricks that will help you in avoiding any unwanted situation:

Dealing with a nagging bride and groom

If the groom starts regretting about his wedding just tell him that you are pissed off with the conversation, although, very tactfully so that you do not end up in a heated discussion.

It is better to avoid the bride by excusing yourself.

Cash Bar problem

If you land up in a cash bar party and you are tight on pocket go for a flask and fill it with mixed drinks. Chances are high that non-alcoholic drinks are free; you can have cranberry juices and sodas.

The bride and groom who go in for a cash bar often provide with red and white wine bottles. People, grab the chance, and wash down as much free wine you can take in.

Say no to wedding party duties

Caught in a soup, as you have to sit down and hog in the food, hey, you do not have to panic cause as soon as the wedding music starts just dance away with it and escape the crowd.

Now, if you find your dancing partner horrible just let him or her dance with the flower girl and the ring bearer, they will feel privileged.

Just try these three steps out and I promise you will be having a good time.


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