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ART programs

How likely is it that treatment for infertility or the use of any of the ART programs (assisted reproductive technologies) would result in pregnancy and childbirth quite quickly? Most of the women that are unable to get pregnant or have a baby want an answer to this question.

“The common answer for all women about how soon pregnancy would, of course, does not exist. A lot depends on how great the violations in the reproductive health of spouses are. But there are certain fully medical aspects which might bring closer or, unfortunately, delay the appearance of the baby. I’ll list the major reasons so that the women who are having difficulties conceiving or carrying a baby should know about it,” says Ksenia GeorgievnaKhazhilenko, head of the infertility treatment department, head of the Center for the treatment of miscarriage, reproductologist, geneticist, ultrasound doctor.

It all starts with a diagnosis

infertility issuesUnfortunately, the doctors at ISIDA Care have to accept patients who have gone a long way to failure. At the beginning of this path very often lies an erroneous diagnosis of the causes of infertility. And blaming a gynecologist from a clinic in a small town is not entirely correct. Most doctors do everything in their power. However, their capabilities are limited by at least two factors:


Possession of modern diagnostic methods, including genetic.

The presence of the necessary equipment for reliable diagnosis.

Modern reproductology is developing very rapidly. And in order to be able to assist couples with the use of modern ART methods, the doctor must constantly have the required treatment and diagnostic tools along with thenecessary experience, and are also on the constant lookout for improving their qualifications. This opportunity is provided by foreign and domestic internships as well as symposiums and seminars with the participation of the best reproductologists in the world, who are ready to share their experience and discuss the latest scientific innovations related to reproduction.

Compliance with all these conditions requires significant financial investments from the clinic. And this is possible, unfortunately, to very few clinics in Ukraine.

Team of specialists

gynecologistThere could be myriad reasons behind temporary infertility or miscarriage. Therefore, diagnostic measures, and then the elimination of the possible reasons behind infertility might need an assessment by doctors of many specialties – a gynecologist, geneticist, endocrinologist, surgeon. Long-awaited motherhood, in most cases, results from the teamwork of multiple doctors who are specialists in their field and know how to tackle even the difficult pregnancies.

No matter which medical specialization you are dealing with, when you are deciding to opt for a clinic, you should look specifically for specialists.

Comprehensive programs

cryopreservation of the embryosWith 26 years of experience in the field of reproduction, ISIDA Clinic is committed to optimizing the time and financial costs of its patients. Therefore, the clinic has developed comprehensive programs that help save time and money for future parents. You can also get the answer to your most of your questions by checking these FAQs at ISIDA Care.

In particular, vitrification is included in all comprehensive ART packages – rapid cryopreservation of the embryos. These could be utilized in the IVF program once genetic analysis is performed on them. Using the vitrification method would give both patients and doctors a number of opportunities that bring a coveted pregnancy closer.

Read more about the vitrification method in the article “Vitrification: the essence of the method and its advantages”.

Having trouble conceiving a baby? Trust the specialists at ISIDA Clinic.

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