Hyderabad – The Marriage Extravaganza

The extravagant weddings and the trend of spending larger and larger amounts for this once-in-a-lifetime event has Hyderabad too in its tight grip. The traditional model of marriages being a simple family affair which brought together two people and with them their families for life, is no longer restricted to this simple meaning.

Marriages as seen today, are extravagant mega events where power projection and display of wealth have taken precedence. Hyderabad is witness to a large number of grand weddings which are so elaborate that it is managed by wedding planners and event management companies that itself speaks volumes for the magnitude of the event. There are new innovations in this field everyday and each one wants to outdo the other.

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The marriage fever has reached infectious levels and the middle class too has come within its grasp. It has spilled over to this segment of our society as well. The hotels, wedding planners, event management companies and those in the marriage business seem to be having a booming business. In Hyderabad weddings now lakhs are spent for the bride’s wedding trousseau and the dress for the day itself costs an astonishing amount. The wedding card itself is an elaborate affair and the guest list goes into a few thousands with wedding halls having a number of decorated stalls serving different cuisines.

This trend has raised concerns in the State and the Chief Minister has termed this to be a ‘social evil’ and organisations like Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam and Hyderabad Welfare Society are making an effort to make a difference by sponsoring mass marriages for the poor. Only time will tell as to who in the upper echelons of the society would be ready to bell the cat and take a decision as to make a difference himself to put an end to this social evil.

Source: Hindu

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