Beware! The toxic wives are on the lookout

toxic wife syndrome 2263They target the rich and the famous. They seduce you with their charm. And before you could smell any rats, you are neck deep in a trouble which leaves you wonderng about the sweet thing you just met yesterday and decided to make your wife.

Watch out! Toxic Wife Syndrome is rampant and and if you lose your senses in the beginning and give in to their charm, then the beginning could well become your end. And you will end up marrying a girl with the Toxic Wife Syndrome.

These so-called TWS +ve girls, or the potential toxic wives are flirtatious, love to target older men, are weighed down with designer accessories and within minutes of meeting a man want to know his bank balance.

When British journalist Tara Winter Wilson mentioned the syndrome in a lifestyle article for the Daily Telegraph newspaper, many people identified with the problem. She had said:

Many women see it as a career choice. After leaving university, they stay on the party circuit until they trap someone. They try to get the most by doing the least. They develop an extraordinary sense of entitlement, becoming very judgmental and shrewish.

She got tremendous feedback from readers around the world recognising the syndrome, which compounded her theory and prompted her to further release a guide to spotting a potential toxic wife.

She has laid down a set of rules to spot a wife going toxic:

She gives up work to care for the children and then sends them to boarding schools as soon as they outgrow their nannies.

She demands wall-to-wall help with a maid hired to work up to 14 hours a day six days a week.

Cooking and housework are strictly out of bounds.

They have to live in a country mansion, forcing the husband to commute daily to London.

She even got accused of being a misogynist and an anti-feminist and recieved hate mails from women who found her wrong. But she strongly defends her stand,

The toxic wife is a complete disservice to women. It does us no favours. Stay-at-home mothers should be applauded, not reviled.

I totally agree with Wilson on this stand. Prevention is the only solution for this incurable disease.


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