Ideas for wedding shower

gameMake you wedding day interesting by organizing lots of wedding shower games. Here are few ideas that you can use on that final day.

Wedding Dress Game

Divide the guests in 4 to 5 groups with 3/5 members in each group. Distribute toilet rolls among them and ask them to design a fashionable wedding dress out of these toilet papers. The bride will decide on the winner and that group will be getting all the prizes. This becomes a source of entertainment for the bride as well and she has fond memories for the rest of her life.


Ask the bride to leave the room, give a paper and pen to each one of them and ask them to scribble something about the bride. The one who writes and describes the most about the bride is the winner.

Humorous game

Create a hypothetical situation that the wedding is over and that it’s all dark. Blindfold her and arrange for the few basic items like men’s underwear, lingerie, toothpaste, over sized bra and ask her to pack those items. Take a snap while the bride is in action. This will always remind her of the fun that she had on her wedding day.

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