Denial of priesthood rights irks ‘legally-wed’ gays

popeThe Vatican directive that refuses the admittance of any gay man from entering into priesthood has created fury in the gay community. First they were being treated as an outcaste. But in some places, like Massachusetts and Virginia, gay marriages were legalized. But of late, this new policy has come up: any man who has got the slightest homosexual inclination will be prohibited from being ordained.

Few priests have even come up with suggestions that the seminar sessions will now be used as a confiding and spiritual sessions wherein the spiritual directors and the confessors will have to deliver the message of dissuading any man from entering the sacred religion of priesthood if they show deep-seated homosexual desires rather than giving them spiritual guidance.

Rev. Michael Herman of Archdiocese of Chicago, who is a gay rebuked this decision and felt that this seminars should be a source of spiritual guidance and not about enforcing an unequal law.

Same sentiments were being shared by some other priests and Roman Catholic organizations that the whole issue is based on unequal discrimination and is hurting the feelings of the long standing gay priest. Already there is dearth of clergyman and these kinds of seminars are going to have all the more adverse effects.

The new policy that Pope Benedict XVI has approved was written in Italian. Many priests have expressed fears that if this directive has to be practiced then a day will arrive when there will be no one who will come up to be ordained. Coz if married man and married woman cannot be ordained and now gay’s too…then who the hell is left?

I strongly feel that religion should not discriminate among people or caste or community. Tell me did God himself make this policy? Have anyone seen or even had any conversation with the unseen cosmic power? Who are we common people to make policies?

Fine, if it is the matter of teenage abuse then of course immediate action is to be called for but why should the innocent’s be victimized???

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