Is it possible to incorporate the old-fashioned RSVP with the modern wedding invitations to make them unique?

I am getting married in three months now, and my bridal shower is going to be a month prior to my wedding. Nonetheless, I was considering not arranging the RSVP cards with my wedding invitations as I thought to go by the traditional manner when the guests would wrote the RSVP’s. However, my dad and fiancée, renders it really old fashioned, and they want to go by the modern norm to attach the RSVP card with the invitations, to save on time and their efforts, as both of them think that guests would probably have to ponder a lot for writing it! I am a bit upset, as I really wanted it in this way from the beginning! Does a wedding expert have an idea if we could incorporate the old-fashioned RSVP thing with the modern wedding invitations to make it unique? Please advice!

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