Is there anything fishy about Justin and Jennifer wedding?

The gorgeous lady Jennifer Aniston was born on 11th Feb in the year 1969. This leading American actress, director com producer had ruled the Hollywood film industry once upon a time. She had acquired the world wide applause for her role Rachel green. She had earned various awards like screen guild award, golden globe award and Emmy award. This beautiful woman is in love with Justin Paul since 2011 and had recently decided for wedding. Justin is also one of the leading screen writers, directors and actors of the Hollywood film industry. He is popular for his role in the films Inland empire and Mulholland drive. There is something fishy about this couple wedding!


Is something fishy?

However, nothing appeared too serious in their relationship. But, several suspicions are turning around the wedding of this couple. In fact the suspicions have reached the heights during the past few weeks. One of the reasons behind these suspicions includes lack of wedding planning progress. These two people are avoiding the media as much as possible according to the information we have got from media. A source has come up in recent days to reveal what’s going on in between Jennifer and Justin.

According to this source, Justin and Jen were truly relaxed about their wedding plan. Each of them has different plans regarding their wedding and this is the reason behind the delay of their wedding. These two stars are in deep love with each others. They are really close to each other’s and have better understanding too. Jen wants to plan her wedding in a very grand way by inviting all her friends but Justin is looking for something intimate. We can expect their wedding at the end of this summer. Everybody seems to be really exciting regarding this couple wedding.

Our wishes

We can easily understand a couple’s compatibility during the wedding plan. This reflects their core values and opinions. Compromising is the best tip to stay together in any relationship. In fact it gives lots of satisfaction and happiness as a result. Let’s hope that even this couple compromise with each other to have a most memorable wedding day in their life. This source had given an end to all the suspicions turning around this couple wedding. Jen also said that, she hadn’t yet plan for her wedding suit. Thus, this might also be one of the reasons behind the delay of her wedding with Justin.

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