What layers in a traditional Spanish wedding dress can make me look slim?

My boyfriend wants us to get married soon, as his mom wants us to get married so that we can stay together with her in New York (Yes he still lives with his mom!). I am not really very excited about the wedding, as we just started dating, but when my parents had a mutual thinking, I couldn’t say a no! Nonetheless, I was thinking for some workout plan before anything like marriage could have happened to me, however, since I have not much of time left, I am looking for some wedding dresses that could make me look a bit less heavy, as I am a pus size! A friend told me that the traditional Spanish wedding dress have a lots of frill work at the bottom, and they does not focus too much on the corset part, so I was thinking of buying one! But, before buying it, I wanted to get some assistance from some fashion expert whether which kind of flares and layers should I choose in a traditional Spanish wedding dress to look a bit slim!

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