Make your big day special with vintage wedding accessories

Vintage weddings elaborated with vintage pretties are one of the most favorite wedding styles that are becoming even more popular day by day. There is nothing more romantic and alluring than celebrating your wedding day with vibes of the glorious past that will surely make your heart skip a beat. All the little things associated with the vintage marriage become an inseparable part of your new story.


All this is clear evidence as to why vintage marriages have become so admired these days. You can find a host of options for your personalized wedding planning on the internet. These include beautiful retro, romantic vintage wedding ideas. You can choose different types of vintage wedding themes from different eras of the past and can start planning your special day.

The most important thing that you should begin with is deciding the type of vintage wedding you would want to have. Even if you cannot decide for a specific era you can select the theme based on your favorite music, fashion trends or even your favorite décor.

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Say for example those who are impressed with the looks of the apothecary jars may find a 19th century theme wedding to be very interesting and those who admire Audrey Hepburn, a modern 60s style wedding may be more alluring to them. There is also an option that you can create a fusion of the different things from different eras and simply combine them to give a unique theme to your vintage wedding.

An array of vintage wedding articles from different time period are available at different bridal web sites on the internet that would be extremely helpful to fill your wedding with that exclusive glamour and style eliminating the need for you to buy expensive accessories or decoration items.


Themed stationary are the best way to recreate the style of any period and warm up your guests for the wedding. A vintage typewriter card with a typewriter style writing for your RSPV cards might just be perfect for the pre-70 era wedding. On the other hand, vintage Hollywood wedding stationary with chic color and stylish look can give an enchanting appearance to your wedding. To add to this you have stickers, clings, wine labels, programs, tags, table manners, favor boxes and many more such items that would help you add your personal touch to the entire wedding.

Now once you are done with the theme and decoration it is time for you to decide your look. Several vintage accessories like the vintage-style veils and hairpieces will provide you a stylish look. Also wedding favors like the vintage bottle of soda or juice will make your big day memorable for the guests too.

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