Modern and unique engagement rings

In case if your wedding is just round the corners and you still remain clueless about the perfect piece that will be in unison with your modern taste and attire then we have a solution with us. Some of the most reliable jewelry brands across the globe have launched wedding ring collection that is chic and sleek but glamorous enough to harmonize with the glitz and glam of the occasion. Have a sneak peak at the collection we have arranged for you and settle for your hot pick.

14K White Gold, 1-Carat Diamond & .06-Carat Pink Sapphire GHI I2, I3 Engagement Ring

Celebrate the occasion and honor the vow to be together forever by gifting this exquisite white gold wedding ring to your lady love. The 1 carat precisely cut crystal clear diamond sparkling at the center of the wedding ring is sure to mesmerize her and make her dream come true on her D-day. The sleekness of the wedding ring has never been jeopardized with. But the intricate handcrafting prevalent on either side of the glittery diamond captures the mood of festivity. The deliberate inclusion of white gold in this ring brings out the richness and shimmer of the diamond further.

Platina4 Pear Shape Engagement Ring

This wedding ring has enough reasons for making your bride to be flowed on you. Look at the unusual shape of this important jewelry which resembles the contour of a pear. The twin band feature adds further to this contour to make it look like a prototype version of the queen’s crown. The series of glittery sapphire that are encrusted all over the dual bands work towards giving it the rich look that is essential to make it the perfect gift for the occasion. The oval shaped diamond and Platina4, a unique alloy of gold, silver, platinum and palladium makes it a novel wedding ring.

1 carat Diamond 3 Stone Ring in 14k White Gold GHI I1;I2

The slim look of this wedding ring is its USP. A modern bride to be will be impressed with this unique ring that has a pricey appeal too. The three sparkling diamonds that are mounted on top of the ring grabs attention. They are round, 0.4 Ct each and crystal clear. The maker has been especially careful to set them in claw clasps. The bride to be will love to flaunt the jewelry with pride on her nuptial.

2 1/5 Carat black and white diamond 14K white gold engagement ring with black rhodium

If you are going to have a theme wedding or wish to shop for a beautiful wedding ring that will make you look like the queen of the evening then try out this beautiful one. The use of black and white stones gives this stunning piece a posh look. The set of three 2 1/5 carat black colored seductive sparklers right on top of the ring and the chain of white colored tiny stones all around their circumference bring out the exquisiteness of the ring. The symmetry of the design has been kept intact by virtue of the three lines of stones all through its round surface, featuring a single line of white running in between the two rows of black.

Juliet Diamond Ring, 14k White Gold Certified Diamond Solitaire Ring

If she loves simplicity and has an eye for the extraordinary, then look no further. Gift this intricate wedding ring and make her yours forever. The all through simple wedding ring gets a sudden lift of glamor by virtue of the Julian cut diamond studded right at its center with metal clasps all around. The 14k gold setting diverts all attention towards the glittery precious stone.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

This brilliant white gold wedding ring is a much better alternative than the traditional species. It has the sleekness of the modern bride as well as the grandeur of the traditional woman. A flush pink rare diamond pops out from among the sparkling white diamonds to complement with the blush of the bride to be. The white gold body stands for the chastity of the new bride.

1 carat white Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

This wedding ring from Concerto Bridal Collection celebrates the beauty of the newlywed bride in its glitter and glamor, yet the simplicity of this piece of jewelry will never go unnoticed. The cluster of shimmery diamonds at the centre imparts a floral look. Numerous round cut diamonds sit together to form this stunning much coveted bridal flower. The white gold body captures the simplicity of the same and enhances the beauty of the stone studded center manifold.

11/2 Carat Black and white Diamond Engagement Ring

This wedding ring has the most feminine appeal and is undoubtedly perfect for the pretty bride to be. It is an amalgamation of the traditional look and the modern appeal. While the sleekness of the style and the restrained sophistication in the design is in connotation with the modern fashion, the encrusted center with a noticeably big black diamond at the center sets the right mood for the most traditional marriage.

10K White Gold Diamond Fashn Ring Silver

Right from the design to the contour and to the setting of the precious stones, this wedding ring reflects the contemporary everywhere. The twist of the band is sure to make the modern bride amazed. The matte white gold surface has been prioritized to match with all bridal attire. The big white diamond at the center definitely captures attention while the tiny shimmers spread all over work towards giving it a rich look which is the demand of the occasion.

0.5-Carat Diamond and 0.06-Carat Pink Sapphire in 14K White Gold Engagement Ring

The twist that you see in this wedding ring is undoubtedly the most unique one. It is modern yet traditional in the selection of diamond as the only form of shimmer that is most sought after in weddings. Special mention needs to be made of the bright purple diamond that gives it a touch of sophistication and novelty.

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