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Most Amazing Ideas to Click Your Wedding Pictures

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Wedding without any doubt is a special affair. While many things add to the magic of this moment, wedding day photographs make it memorable for years to come. You should not consider these snaps less important, as they are the best means to cherish your wedding memories for years. Here are few wedding photograph ideas that would really impress you.

groomsmen  photography

  • Although both the bride and groom share equal importance on the day of their marriage, we cannot neglect the fact that the bride is the center of attraction of all the guests including the groom. Hence, the photographer must give her proper attention in the pictures. You should click pictures while the bride enters the marriage venue walking in style and flaunting her gown. This is a truly amazing click. After the bride, the bridesmaids should not be missed because they too are a special part of the occasion. You can try making funny editions to their pictures to make the album interesting.
  • The groomsmen too should be given coverage in the wedding day pictures. You should keep in mind that men are reluctant to pose for photographs; hence, a simple click where the friends or relatives help the groom get ready would surely be a good photograph. Over the time, you will realize that this is one of the most natural and best pictures in your wedding album.

Wedding photographer

  • After the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, let us not forget the stars of the event the bride and the groom. The first look of both would be life partners is the most beautiful photographs that should be taken accurately without mistake. If there is more than one camera operator, there could be no issues of taking the snaps. However, with only a single camera operator you should not forget to zoom in and zoom out the camera lens while clicking the photos.


  • After the guests and the hosts, next important thing to capture consists of the wedding venue décor that includes wedding bouquet, attractive and appealing centerpieces, wine and drinks glasses and all the wedding day décor, which you worked on for several days prior to your marriage. Hence, they deserve to be clicked and remembered.
  • Last but not the least you can never afford to miss the click when you first kissed your life partner and became one with him. This is the most special picture of all.


You would want to talk about and see several moments, like the first dance and your gateway, in a wedding for years. So think before you click.

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