No weddings for indefinite period in Thar

In the Thar region, there is a subdued fear nagging the people every living moment. With the worst draught that took this region by storm since last September, all weddings are postponed for god knows how long.

No one is willing to take any risk coz the survivors are still having a nightmare seeing almost 800,000 people and 3.6 million livestock affected devastatingly by the drought.

People in large number have started migrating from the place as they are no longer able to bear the dreaded void that is being created by the drought. Leave alone the mere hope of survival they don’t event have a single drop of water to drink.

When there is so many weddings going on all over the world with huge amount of money dished out like nothing, the weddings in the Thar region is almost un unimaginable thought for the community who is thriving for a mere drop of water.


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