Old v/s new wedding etiquette

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I have discussed earlier the changing trends for wedding day. Today, I am again back with some changes, in wedding etiquette. There are many wedding etiquettes, which are twisted in today’s world:

Old etiquette: Bride’s family pays for wedding.

New etiquette:
Bride’s family pays for only twenty-seven percent of weddings. Now, wedding expenditure is intelligently divided among the couple or their family.

Old etiquette: More than six bridesmaids and groomsmen are compulsory.

New etiquette: There is no maximum or minimum, just on or two attendants on each side are acceptable.
new wedding etiquette 49
Old etiquette: Bridal bouquet must be in white.

New etiquette:
Bouquet can be in vivacious wildflowers, lavender roses that match bridesmaid dresses or it can be in groom’s favorite flowers.

Old etiquette: Groom’s mother selects her dress after the mother of the bride.

New etiquette: Mother of the groom selects a dress that suits her best and in which she is most comfortable.

I think these traditional changes are the requirement of the time. Moreover, it is good for bride- and groom-to-be, and their family. Some according to their requirement twist these traditions.


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