Perfect Bridal Make-up

bridal make upA bridal make is the most critical beauty regimen ever taken-up by a woman on her marriage day. You cannot make it easy enough even if you resort to short-cuts as there are rules pertaining to bridal make-up that has to be followed.

The rules listed out by topnotch hairstylist Ricky Reyes are as follows:

1. Eye Make-up:

Eyes are the highlight of the day and they should be made-up to make the bride sparkle and not dull. This can be done with pink shades for making eye-brows in the afternoon and brown shades for the same in the evening.

2. Face Make-up

The foundation should match your skin tone and skin type, followed by a proper blend of foundation into the fine lines of the skin. The best make-up for the afternoon wedding has to in sync with the pink shades of your eyebrows. Hence the ideal blend as suggested by Ricky is a blend of pink and magenta.

3. Hair

Hair should be neatly tie back to show the prominency of the face and it should be adorned with tiaras to give it a chic look.

4. Lips

Lipsticks should be in mauve for both the afternoon and evening weddings.

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