Platinum Wedding Rings: 10 Most Beautiful

Due to its rarity and gleam, platinum has always been a symbol of prestige all over the world, especially in the field of music and arts. Now, it is slowly becoming the most preferred metal in the field of jewelry. Wedding is anyone’s most special moment in life – short of his/her birth – and the wedding couples always want to make sure that this moment is beautiful, lovely and gorgeous, an event worth remembering till the end of days. It is, therefore, not a surprise that platinum is rapidly replacing diamonds and gold in wedding rings. These rings are not only elegant and classy, but also convenient to use, without any risk of breakage, wear, erosion and other metal degrading risks.

Following are the ten most beautiful platinum rings released all over the world by jewelers and jewelry companies.

1. Wedding Ring in Platinum 3mm

This thin beautiful ring may not be as gaudy as a diamond or gold ring, but it radiates class. The making of the ring is not as complex as any other jewelry, but the way it compliments a woman’s ring finger, whatever its size may be, increases its value by ten folds. Lightweight and made of 950 Platinum (an extremely high quality variety of the metal), the platinum ring has already earned positive feedback from its owners, and is expected to gain so in the future. A person can acquire the ring as plain as the picture depicts for $510, or have custom engravings done on it for additional $25. The height of the ring is 1.01mm, and its width is 3 mm. The size and weight of the ring depends upon the customer’s requirement. The makers are reputed to make accurate product, and its weight is also quite light.


The USP of the ring lies in its simplicity and elegance. The ability to have it engraved at an additional cost and its light weight makes this ring even more attractive and usable for daily purpose.

It’s quite affordable for any average buyer.
The design is simple and elegant.

2. Platinum Men’s & Women’s Wedding Bands

The 5 mm platinum band, designed for both men and women, is simple, elegant and polished to extreme fineness. This gives the ring a sparkling, clear look that can fit snugly in the ring finger of the couple. Its weight is so less that the wearer does not even feel the presence of the additional object in his/her hand. The ring is half round, and comes in size range of 4-12.5, thus providing flexibility to the customer.


The USP of this ring is its polish, which is so fine that the ring shines with elegance.

The ring is affordable.
The design is simple and elegant.
The polish is of high quality.

3. 6mm Men’s Wedding Band
PRICE : USD 2100

The 6 mm platinum ring is designed for men, and its thickness and width, along with its making, compliments well with a man’s finger. It is a ring designed not only to entice the onlookers, but also provide comfort to the wearer: its contoured interior makes the ring fit smoothly and comfortably on the finger. The strong point of this ring is its simple look, which enables it to highlight the great craftsmanship with which it has been designed. The platinum used here is polished to a fine degree, making the ring sparkle even in low light conditions. The ring is available in three sizes: 10, 10.5 and 11. The lack of size range is because of the maker’s feeling that this ring’s look is greatest in them. The ring is designed for those who want to wear it for daily use and wants to keep things simple.


The USP of this ring goes in the amount of comfort it can offer to the wearer, thus allowing him to don it without a fuss.

The design appeals to men.
The quality of platinum used is very high.
It radiates high class craftsmanship.

4. Comfort Fit Plain Dome Platinum Wedding Band Ring
BRAND : Perry Olsen
PRICE : USD 1725

For those who like to play it safe and want to spend their hard earned money on a classic ring, this one is perfectly suited. You will never regret spending on this one because of its classic looks and comfort fit. This ring can be worn regularly without fearing any damage. 950 Platinum metal is used in making this ring. This ring spells class and is perfect for the modern man who likes to keep things understated.


The USP of this ring lies in its simplicity which makes it appealing to the wearer, as well as the onlookers. Its elegance leaves no room for dissatisfaction or error.

The design is appealing and spells class.
The ring sends across a subtle manly statement.

5. 950 Platinum 4mm Diamond Wedding Bands Rings
PRICE : USD 4390

Made of 950 platinum, this diamond ring is given a round shape from inside, providing a more comfortable fit on the finger. About 4.0 mm wide, this ring is made keeping long term use in mind. Nested with a 0.08ct diamond in the center to complete the high standard look of the ring. The round, brilliant diamond used here is a vogue among the wedding couples nowadays because of its numerous facets that has been created by precise, high class cutting, giving the stone a shinier and more brilliant look. This ring is the perfect wedding gift to the spouse, and the positioning of the diamond makes it sure that the ring looks great on the finger.


The diamond in the ring compliments with 950 platinum. Rarely 950 platinum has been used with diamond without one overshadowing other, but this ring strikes perfect balance between the both.

The design is elegant and less gaudy at the same time.
The ring fits comfortably in the finger.
Diamond and platinum compliments each other.
There is a wider size range available for the product, without tarnishing the ring’s looks.

6. Designer Wedding Bands, Platinum Wedding Ring
PRICE : USD 2195

Beauty lies in simplicity of the craft: the quote fits well with this ring. Made of 950 platinum, this ring is 6 mm wide and 2 mm high, making it sure that no one misses it on the finger, Designed for those who like to keep the ring visible enough for others to notice, the ring has a satin finish in the center, which fits well with the overall look. The bright cuts of either side of the ring gives the ring a better look with the simplicity of art. The designers, however, did not forget the comfort level of the wearer; the ring is comfort fit and is not likely to irritate the wearer in any way.


The USP of the ring is the way satin finish is used in the center to give the ring a more unique and beautiful look.

Techniques employed on the ring are clearly visible, and compliments each other quite beautifully.
The look is unique.
It is available in various sizes.
It can be used either way: ceremonial or daily.

7. Princess cut Diamond Wedding Ring Platinum
BRAND : Shenoa & Co. – Diamonds
PRICE : USD 2349

The ring as the name suggests uses princess cut diamonds on the platinum craft to add more glamorous look to the ring. Designed for those who look for more decoration and work on the ring, the ring manages to impress one and all with the carefully placed 12 princess shaped 0.95 ct diamonds. These diamonds have great color and clarity, adding value to the already valuable ring. The designer has not stopped themselves there, though: careful engravings, placement of diamonds and intricate patterns along the thickness of the ring makes the jewelry worth for wearing in parties and ceremonies, not forgetting the anniversaries and wedding.


The USP of the ring is the intricate pattern and placement of 12 diamonds, which look great on the platinum ring.

The overall look is unique and enticing.
The usage of high number of diamonds does not overshadow the platinum used in the ring.
It adds beauty to the person’s finger.

8. Wreath Braided Women’s 6 mm Platinum Wedding Band
BRAND : Wedding Rings Depot
PRICE : USD 2799

Wedding happens only once, and most grooms like to gift their brides things unique and fascinating for her to remember forever. Designed with wedding theme in mind, the wreathed braided platinum band flaunts the craftsmanship of the designer. A thin, fragile looking platinum ring running over a platinum wreath gives the ring a priceless look. The fineness with which the wreath has been achieved is quite commendable. Maybe this ring is not for daily use and not available in many sizes, this 6 mm ring makes one feel that the ring’s width has been insufficient for the art. Designed by Wedding Rings Depot, the ring is certainly an eye catcher for those present at the wedding.


The USP of this ring is the unique look: the detailed crafting of the wreath in the ring is great, and makes the ring very much beautiful and elegant.

The overall look is unique.
It appeals every woman because of the theme used in it.
The craftsmanship is of high class.

9. Wide Polished Hand Braided Wedding Ring in 950 Platinum
BRAND : Appealing Wedding Bands
PRICE : USD 4521

The 8 mm 950 platinum ring is so beautifully designed that one nearly slips the information of the metal in the backburner. Handmade, the ring displays high quality craftsmanship in every aspect: utilization of every inch of the ring for unique look, preciseness in every detail and overall look. Designed by a company specialized in wedding bands of gold, silver and platinum, the product is enticing, without ignoring the comfort of the wearer. The ring has been designed in such a way that, though it appears to prove discomfort, it fits snugly in the finger. To emphasize further on the customer’s comfort, the company provides a wide range of sizes for this ring with a chain look.


The look, broken, broader chain fitted snugly in between two thinner, broken chain, is hard to achieve, especially by hand, and the fineness with which it has been attained adds a complete otherworldly look on the finger.

The ring is an excellent example of a great craft.
The look is unique and enticing.
It fits comfortably on the finger.

10. Diamond Platinum Wedding Band Ring
BRAND : Firenze Jewels, Inc.
PRICE : USD 15300

It can be termed the queen of platinum bands till date. This 5 diamond studded 950 platinum ring is designed for brides who are adored by their grooms. This ring is the perfect way to show your love for the bride. Designed in Italy by Firenze Jewels, Inc., the ring has 1.86 ct natural diamonds studded in the ring’s center, their clarity and brilliant cut ensuring that the ring outmatches any other ring in the vicinity. This lovely, gorgeous ring comes in 6.75 size, with 4.5 mm width, and fits most of the fingers quite comfortably. The center of the ring has five white diamonds fitted, each placed between two platinum links. The presence of platinum as the ring’s main metal makes this product even more gorgeous.


The USP of this ring is the 1.86 ct diamonds used to increase the beauty of the ring. These diamonds add beauty to the ring, complimenting well with the metal, with neither overshadowing the other.

The diamonds used are of high quality.
The look is gorgeous and lovely, fitting the mood of marriage.
Nothing can go wrong if one dons this ring for the marriage.

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