Points to remember while choosing wedding invitation cards

choosing wedding invitation cards 49Along with wedding dress and jewelry, wedding invitation cards also play an important role. In today’s world, there are hell lots of wedding invitation cards. Choosing the perfect one is a vital chore.

For an ultra-formal wedding, you may choose ‘engraved’ and for formal opt for ‘thermographed’ wedding invitation. Former is a classically traditional and latter is printed through a heat process. For engraved cards, you need to order them eight weeks before and thermographed should be ordered six weeks before.

If you want to spend lavishly, printed wedding invitation can be your choice for a very pricey invitation. They are not so formal and require to around four to six week notice in advance.

To give elegant and old-fashioned essences to your invitation try calligraphed. It is an extremely pricey invitation as there is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating these invitations.

In addition, if you are very artistic, you may invite your guests through handmade invitation cards. Please make sure that you do not have a very long list for guests as to produce these cards you will have to burn your energies.

Another type of invitation is e-invitation cards. However, this save a big expenditure of yours but it should never be used as it does not compliment your etiquettes and shows some type of disrespect to your invitee.


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