Pre Wedding Beauty Check List

There are numerous things that will need your attention before your wedding day such as making certain fixes to your dress, shopping for items at the last minute. All this stress can wreak havoc on your skin and you won’t get the time for any sling care routine. Following this routine for a week before D-day:


Day Seven:

Break away from the chaos and use bleach on your entire body on Day Seven of this plan. Bleach requires some time for it to work effectively, so use body bleach at least a week before your wedding. Relax and calm your nerves by booking a full body massage that uplift your spirit and soothe your mind, this is the best way to beat the stress.

Day Six:

Take a break from your schedule and indulge in spa treatments. Go for an exfoliating treatment that will give you smooth skin and will also invigorate your body. You can follow this up with a wrap to nourish your skin to hydrate it and condition it for a healthy sheen. While waiting for the wrap to work its magic, you can get a head massage.

Day Five:

Get a body wax to rejuvenate you. Get your hair colored or highlighted using a shade that it either lighter or darker than the natural color to enhance your skin tone and bring out your eyes. Getting hair color on this day will ensure that it will settle before the wedding.


Day Four:

Pamper your hair at a hair spa with a deep conditioning treatment; then make your skin glow using a gold facial or bleach. Groom your eyebrows and upper lips and use as well.

Day Three:

This is the mehendi night; here you should treat yourself to a body massage using aromatherapy. This will sooth you min d and body, make sure that you focus on your feet, hands and shoulders. Get a mani-pedi as your feet and hands will be on display during this ritual.

Day Two:

Brides choose to stay away from heavy make up during the shagan, but you can add a unique touch by adding embellishments to your back, navel or arms. Your hands are under focus because of the engagement rings so get some nail art don or a French manicure. Opt for a fancy hairdo completed with hair accessories.

Day One:

Should be free from additional wedding activities, wash your hair and add Swarovski crystals on your nails.

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