Guests to cross off your wedding list

The guests that you invite make up a core part of your wedding- as it is important to have them take part in your special day. There will be a few guests that will ruin your mood if you invite them; they complain about the food being served, things that they don’t like about the venue, they might drink a little too much. Here are some types of guests that you won’t really miss:


Continuous Criticizer:

Any social circle will always have their least favorite member; they are usually the people who complain about everything under the sun and criticize anything at all. These people can be a nightmare at weddings as they will complain about the clothes people are wearing, the food and might even target your spouse. They will ruin your day and is better left uninvited, but if this person is family, then try to avoid conversations as much as possible and ask waiters to tail them and keep them happy.

Sad Story Teller:

These guests can dampen your spirit by churning sad stories at a moment’s notice as they seek attention or perhaps it is just a talent. They will irritate other guests by finding ways to get sympathy- if you have to invite this guest introduce them to the criticizer and hopefully they will keep themselves entertained.


The Singletons:

Guests who have just broken up with their partners and are trying desperately to find someone new may turn out to  be bitter during your wedding and will sigh after every couple they see and lament about how lucky you are to be married. Introduce this guest to all your single friends and they will be out of your hair.

Pestering Relatives:

We all have those aunts who insist that they know all about the hottest styles and trends; they will interfere with your make up, dress and will pester you as much as possible. Maintain your cool and politely thanks her for her suggestions and promise that you will try her suggestions when possible. If she still bothers you, ask your sibling or mom to make an excuse to escort her out of the room.

Drunken Relatives:    

We all have one of those in the family, who drinks way too much and starts cracking jokes and act in a way that only he will find funny. He will bore your guests and may even anger some of them; ask the spouse of this relative to keep an eye on things and ask the bar keeper to manage those who are drinking too much and offer those guests diluted drinks or food.

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