How to prepare an effective maid of honor wedding speech to ensure active participation of bride’s father?

So! I am going to be the maid of honor at my friend’s wedding, and I am quite excited about it, although it is going to be my first time to deliver a speech. I have been friends with her since high school, and interestingly, I know the groom as well. Anyways, I have searched out many samples and examples of maid of honor wedding speech, and got a few ideas as well. However, what I am keen to know is about the phrases or things that should be avoided while giving a speech. I would like to be funny, but with a few restrictions as my friend’s dad doesn’t approve of the groom in the first place, and according to me, his active participation is a must. Therefore, I just want to know from some expert whether how can I ensure her dad’s participation in my speech, with no apprehensions. Please advice suitably. Thanks.

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