Is it prudent to give wedding guests favor, who could not make it to the bridal shower ceremony?

I gave away small colorful umbrellas for the favors at my bridal shower ceremony, as the wedding is a month away now, and I thought of giving the bridal shower favors to the guests at the bridal shower ceremony. However, I am a bit confused, as there were 30 guests at my bridal shower and there would be around 70 guests at my wedding. My fiancée has advised to spend on food and decorations than the favors for the guests at wedding, as it would fall heavy on our pocket. I seem to agree with him, however, I am not sure, as the same 30 guests would be coming to the wedding as well, and I thought it to be partial to the rest 40 who couldn’t make it to my bridal shower. I would like to know from some wedding expert whether I should buy something as favor for the rest 40 as well, or it is just fine not to give anything as favor! Please advice, as I am really confused!

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