Richard Branson’s girl ties nuptial knot on Necker Island

The dream wedding concept was relived in its truest sense when Sir Richard Branson’s little girl Holly stepped the altar with ship-broker Fred Andrews in a grand wedding celebration. The wedding venue was Necker Island where both royal guests and Hollywood celebrities were present to attend the occasion. Topping it all; the bride’s father was extremely happy about the entire affair. Both Holly Branson and partner Fred Andrews had a memorable time on this unexpected wedding destination.

Idyllic island wedding for Sir Richard Branson's daughter Holly

Necker Island, the wedding venue, is an idyllic spot for the entire Branson family. Unfortunately sometime back a fire left the place absolutely ravaged. Despite the damage done to Necker Island, Holly Branson was adamant about having her wedding celebration here.

Way back in the year 1989 Holly’s dad, Richard Branson and mum Joan Templeman got married at the same Island and on the same date. The only difference between the two weddings is that the Branson kids, Holly aged 8 & her little brother Sam aged 4 were also there to attend their parents wedding.

The baron, Richard Branson happily shared some lines on his blog about his daughter’s wedding. He said that he feels truly overwhelmed about handing his daughter to a very delightful partner. In the blog he also posted his own wedding picture. In the picture which dates back to the 80’s, Joan is seen in a full sleeve lace wedding dress with heavy curls while Richard has a white suit on.

Along with the picture post Branson added that the last wedding on the Necker Island was his own and now it’s his daughter Holly’s wedding following in with the same date that is December 20th. Richard is yet to give out his daughters snaps in her wedding gown which is a highly anticipated affair. Everyone’s still guessing as to who the designer could be.

At an inaugural event of Virgin America flights, Richard informed San Francisco Chronicle that his lovely daughter was getting married where he had tied the knot many years ago. He said, “Under the stars on the ruins of the main house, where I was married many years ago”.

Over 100 guests were to attend the wedding however only 22 guests could be accommodated in the blazed Island. Members from the Royal family were also at the wedding. This included Princesses Beatrice, Eugenie and their mother Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. The royals had to excuse themselves from the Royal pre-Christmas lunch to attend the wedding.

The Royals were offered a cottage and didn’t have to face the rough beach. The most exclusive part of the wedding was a performance dedicated by Richard to his daughter. It was a song that a South African girl named Cleo sung. The little girl had an astounding voice and Richard mingled it with the occasion using Skype technology.

Overall the ceremony was beautiful and Richard is yet to share many more details with the willing readers of his blog. As for Necker Island, the rebuilding plans are on the go.

Via: HelloMagazine/DailyMail

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