What could make better wedding shower gifts ideas other than scented candles and set of coffee mugs?

My parents are arranging for my wedding shower, and it is apparently 2 months before my wedding. We have received all the RSVPs and according to it, we are expecting around 30 guests. I was actually keen on giving some gifts at the bridal shower to the guests, but could not think of something affordable yet trendy. My dad has advised me to go for gifts on wedding shower, and no favors at the wedding, as he thinks that people do not tend to take the favors home, and they leave it on the tables itself. I would therefore, like to know whether something like a set of coffee mugs would be better or fragranced candles would make an appropriate wedding shower gift or not! Moreover, I would love to get some creative and unique ideas from you guys related to the gifts! Please suggest aptly!

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