Romantic couple poses for good wedding photographs

good wedding photographs

The beauty of couple wedding photography is that you can easily capture the love and excitement that the bride and groom share while they are starting their new life together. Every snap taken is not just a moment that is captured, it also becomes a memory of a lifetime, which is stored in a special wedding album. The different poses that the couple gives for the picture symbolize the love that they share. For your wedding photo shoot here are a couple of poses that can make your photographs really memorable.

Capturing the bride and groom in their wedding car

You can make the moment, while you are sitting inside the car, special by getting your photographer to capture the moment of both of you together. If you want, you can opt to take a snap standing by the car or sitting inside and hugging each other while being seated.

The lip lock pose

One of the oldest but romantic pose that a couple can stand for is the one where both of them embrace each other and lock the lips just for the camera. This not only reflects the love that both of you share, but, if shot in a very good way, it can turn out to be one of the most beautiful photographs you can ever have.

The cheek touching pose

The cheek touching pose

In this pose, the bride can hold the bouquet in her hand and the groom can hug her. To capture the moment in the camera, the bride and groom can lock their cheeks together and give a mild smile. For this snap, the bride’s bouquet has to be placed perfectly so that it becomes the center of attraction and highlights the picture.

The traditional knee bent pose

There is nothing more romantic than to have the groom down on his knees looking into the eyes of his ladylove. Not only does this make a perfect pose but it also reflects the joy and happiness that the two share together.

Make it fun by doing some weird faces

weird faces

If you are a couple that enjoys goofing around, then you can surely go ahead and make your pose fun by making some weird faces that symbolize the love that you share. It will give out the feeling that you are not just lovers, but also best of friends.

The pose where the groom carries the bride in his arms

Another perfect idea of a couple pose is where the groom carries the bride in his arms. To make this more special, you can opt to have the backdrop in the midst of a garden, or at the entrance of your new home, or even the wedding venue. Another beautiful way to capture this particular pose would be to have some petals falling down on the couple during the shoot. This will give a beautiful look to the picture and even make it special in so many ways.

Using different props for your wedding shoot

wedding shoot

Another fun way to make your wedding photography would be to use different kinds of props. You can also have one-word captions together to form the promise that the both of you take. For example, you can have words like together forever in two different props, which each of you hold. Another idea on this front would be to hold the name of your spouse.

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