Same-Sex marriage’s legality overthrown by Washington lawmakers

same sex marriage ban same sex couples

Family members comforting a couple who lost the lawsuit

Despite the gay rights activists trying to legalize same-sex marriage, the Washington judges’ decision to ban it has disappointed gays and lesbian couples worldwide.

Washington, until date seemed to be the safest land for homosexual couples, but no one can predict what the lawmakers are cooking up their sleeves.

With the latest overturn of the fate, the hurdles for the same-sex couples will further aggravate. Near about 19 couples filed a lawsuit, stating that the ban on gay marriage is against the constitutional laws. However, luck was not in their favor as their claim was refuted back by Justice Barbara Madsen saying that the ban is indeed very much in accordance with the laws of the constitution.

However, Justice Mary Fairhurst tried to defend same-sex marriage by saying that all the laws against the homosexual couples are very much discriminating but:

Unfortunately the [majority] are willing to turn a blind eye…because a popular majority still favors that discrimination.

Just by a margin of one vote (5-4), the Washington Court declared their decision to stand by the ban that they had enforced earlier on same-sex marriage because most of them feel that it jeopardizes the sanctity of the traditional institution of marriage.


Image: NYT

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