Seven Essential Tips for a Budget-Friendly Wedding

Budget-Friendly Wedding

In 2019, the average cost of a wedding was $28,000. This varies by location but gives you a good idea of the average amount a couple will spend on a wedding. Are you paying for your wedding? How can you make it more affordable? What options are there to put on the event without breaking the bank? Keep reading to learn more tips on how to have a budget-friendly wedding.

1. Book a Friday

While Saturdays are long thought of as the day to get married, you can save a significant amount of money by getting married on a Friday. The availability at most venues will be more open on a Friday and venue costs are a big expense, so any savings is helpful. Having a wedding on a Friday is not likely to hurt attendance either. While your wedding party may need to get the day off of work, your guests can likely make the late afternoon event.

2. Hire a Friend to Officiate the Wedding

Can you think of someone in your circle that knows you both and has watched your relationship grow to what it is now? This is the person that you want officiating your wedding. Not only will it be a more authentic experience but also a more collaborative one. Hiring a friend can not only save you money but also save someone from messing up the details. Your friend will know how to pronounce your names and what is important to you.

3. Invite Lesser People

This is perhaps the most difficult tip but it is a necessary one if you are trying to save money. More people mean a bigger venue plus more food and drinks. Starting by making a list of everyone and then slowly narrowing down the people that you really want to attend can be a good start. There will likely be peer pressure to invite people that you don’t know well so that they aren’t upset about not getting an invite. Setting a limit to the amount of guests that you want to come and sticking to it is the key.

4. Plan for Off-Season

While summer is the time to get married, consider an off-season wedding for better discounts on the venue and other components of the wedding. Spring and fall weddings can still be held indoors or outdoors. Summer is a busy time for a lot of people between weddings, open houses, family vacations, and many other commitments. The guest that you invite may be more likely to attend a wedding on a Friday in October instead of a Saturday in July.

5. Stick to One Location

Hosting your wedding ceremony and reception in the same area is a smart approach to a budget-friendly venue expense. Booking two separate venues means working with two different teams to put on the events. Having everything in one place allows your guests to show up for the ceremony and not have to worry about moving to anywhere else for the reception. Looking for a venue that can facilitate both parts of the wedding will create an all-in-one experience that requires less logistics than the alternatives. These venues often require a deposit in advance. Using a personal loan company can help you fund this deposit and secure the venue for the date that you want.

6. Hire a Wedding Planner

Wait, how does hiring someone save you money? A wedding planner is an expert at one thing, the wedding day. They know who to talk to in every aspect of the planning process and have experience with a wide variety of weddings. Hiring a wedding planner and outlining your cost goals can help you stay within budget and not spend hours running around to plan the details. Even scouting venues can cost you time, gas money, and energy. Having your wedding planner narrow down to the top options can save you from spending weeks looking.

7. Accept Help

Family and friends are typically eager to help in any way they can when it comes to weddings. When they ask how they can help, be prepared to answer. Ask them for referrals for the DJ, band, photographer, venue, or any other aspect of the wedding. Have them help you set up the venue. Any area where you don’t have to hire a crew of people and can bring your family and friends in to help can be a great cost savings opportunity.

Now that you have read more about the tips for a budget-friendly wedding, you can start the planning process today. Don’t let the cost intimidate you, it is possible to throw a wedding for much less than the average cost of weddings.

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