Summer Wedding Hairstyles: 4 Vital Tips You Should Know

Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Ah, your dream wedding. The planning can seem absolutely overwhelming, even if you’ve hired a professional planner to help you. You’ve thought of every last detail, most of which your guests won’t even notice. What they’re going to keep their eyes on is you and your new spouse, marveling at the spectacle of your love. And when they’re looking at you, one of the first things they’re going to see is your hair; after all, your hair is the literal crown that you wear every day. Getting married in the spring and summer months or even going tropical for a destination wedding tends to be more preferable to cooler month weddings. While this makes for stunning photos, if you’re donning the wrong hairstyle in the heat, it can become a nightmare for the bride. Here’s a list of summer wedding hairstyle tips that will keep you looking and, more importantly, feeling your absolute best in the hot weather.

1. Be Realistic

Sure, as you flip through the pages of wedding magazines, browse Pinterest, or wherever else you’re getting your inspiration, it’s tempting to want to copy a particular celebrity or go with the current trend. But, you have to be realistic about what you or your stylist can achieve with your specific hair type. If you have a curl pattern to your hair that is a little unruly, a sleek updo might not be achievable. In fact, if you have curly hair, it’s a good idea to visit a hairstylist or even just take an online quiz to figure out your exact curl type, which will help decision-making get a lot easier. If you have super fine hair, a voluminous, tousled look might now be attainable without a ton of product, which in the hot summer heat will not be comfortable for you as you greet guests and dance the reception away. So, be realistic, because when you’re comfortable, you’re confident and confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear every day, especially on your wedding day.

2. Beat the Heat

Chances are if you’re getting married in the summer and certainly if you’re going to a beach destination, you’re going to be in incredibly hot weather. Add to that the stress (yes, there’s bliss, but stress is a given part of the day) and the weight of your dress. You’re going to get hot. You’re also going to be taking a lot of photos, so being a tad too sweaty isn’t going to fare well in the photographs that may hang on your home’s walls forever. So, it’s best to go with an updo. There are some up-do styles that are a no-no for weddings, you can find them here, but in general, a knowledgeable stylist can evaluate your hair and come up with an updo that will look best on your for your big day. If a stylist isn’t in your budget, utilize the treasure trove of people willing to give you tutorials for free on how to style your hair on sites like Youtube or Tiktok.

3. Accessories

Accessories are your biggest ally in a summer wedding hairstyle. You’re not limited to jewels and feathers either. Have fun with it! There are so many directions you can go in, but flowers are always a hit – after all, it’s the season where everything is in gorgeous bloom. You can go full flower crown or just don one or two in your style. Whichever direction of accessory you decide to go in, they’re a fun and super chic way to add color to your all-white look. They also can tie in your lip or eye color should you choose to go a little glam with your makeup look on your big day.

4. Luck Favors the Prepared

Lastly, do not forget to do a trial run prior to your big day – especially if you’re doing your own hair for your wedding. It’s best to do at least one practice trial, one with your stylist, or several if you’re doing it on your own. And, even if you do hire a stylist, make sure you pack an emergency wedding hair kit filled with anything you may need to master the style.

The most important thing to remember is – you got this! Your wedding, while it’s one of the most significant events in your life, is going to be exceptional even if several things go wrong. And let’s face it, they probably will. So give yourself grace, but make sure your hair looks fabulous while doing so.

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