short wedding hairstyles for the carefree brides!

Alongside the make up and the wedding dress, the wedding hairstyle has to be the one which can make the bride look impeccable and stunning. It should reflect her character, comfort, wedding theme, if any, and most importantly the durability factor. The wedding hairstyles differ from length to length. There are in-numerous styling options available for short length hair brides. One has to pick the choice according to the comfort; and not take it as a burden on the head. They can be often fancied up with flowers and hair clips. Always remember to accessorize your look according to the dress and the veil. It will intact the elegance and style of the hairstyle and will make you look gorgeous from head to toe.

Go through our list of alluring hair updo’s to transform yourself into a stunning damsel on your wedding day:

Cute short side bangs

One of the prettiest and adorable hair do’s for a bride is the short side bangs. The bangs looks striking as well eye capturing. It correctly suits the appearance and illuminates the bride’s grace and personality. The cute appearance will attract a lot of compliments. As short hair are easily handled and with a less amount of fuss; even the hair accessories will look great on the updo. It also lends a punk look to the bride, if she is kind of funky in her fashion style and statement.

Half hair updo

This hairstyle looks enticing as well as exceptional. The half hair updo done gracefully can work wonders with the looks of the bride. It can accentuate her looks and can make her look like an eye candy material. The hair style is best suited on the blonde hair brides. It can be further enhanced by using appropriate elegant accessories and head gears. You can also take flicks out from the front to give it a nice diva look.

Short fishtail braid

Nothing can look more enchanting and adorable than a braid woven beautifully. When complimented with ribbons and strings they look beautiful and sophisticated. You can always pick and choose your kind from the ample amount of variety available. A fishtail braid makes the bride look more gorgeous and attractive. It can be tied and woven with a bit of hard work and the style can be handled easily without much commotion and problem.

Light curled straighten side bangs

If you are messed up in between various choices and want to try out on two different things at the same time, then this can be the perfect hair do for your wedding. The hair style is elegant and fun at the same time. One can get lighter curls all around the hair with straight bangs sideways, to make one appear more stylish and fashionable. The whole look can be complimented with a dazzling tiara, which can surely make the bride look phenomenal and startling on her wedding ceremony. ]

Short gelled hair updo

The gorgeous looking hair updo completely compliments the ceremony and the gesture. The hairstyle looks super modish and stylish. It beautifies the overall look of the bride. Accessorizing the whole look with some fun accessories can add gleam to the overall appearance. This look is all about gelling down the hair horizontally to a comfortable length and straightens them. The outlook is all about turning heads towards it unusual styling and looks.

Asymmetrical pixie wedding hairstyle with face framed strands.

The chic, stylish and fun hairdo will surely accentuate the bride’s appearance and will get her enough cookie points on her wedding day. The style is flamboyant and a sizzler. It’s for the brides who like to dress and adorn things, a little more than stylish ways. In this look the hair is parted finely in a asymmetrical style with framed strands at the front face. The look can be accessorized with beautiful clip on to make it look even more eye pleasing.

Semi parted clipped hairdo

The look is simple, clean yet elegant and beautiful. It perfectly portrays the beauty and charm of a bride. In this look the side parted hair are clipped and set behind the ear from one side. The rest of the hair is left open to bestow the charm on the guests and the groom to be. One can beautify this pretty hair do with matching clips and accessories. This will add stars to the look.

Curled up fringe hairdo

If one wants to look appealing as well as adorable, then this can be the perfect hairdo for them. The style is flamboyant and well suited for a short length hair bride. The look grabs you handful of compliments and attention. It is curled up fully to the length and the fringes are bring to the front so nicely.The clean and clear appearance lend the bride a more sophisticated appeal. It can be easily complimented with a swarovski crystals and stoned tiaras. This will add blemishes to the appearance.

Straight inverted bob hairdo

This chic look style is a stunner in its own. it embodies superb delicacy and panache in it that it portrays the best features of the brides’ face. It is smooth-lined and straight. The style has incorporated a inverted bob hairdo, which completely justifies one’s taste and preference. it is best suited for the brides with a chic style and who wants to stay away from the accessorized look. A plain clip, clipped nicely at the front,can do wonders with the look too.

Tied up to the top hairdo

Elegant, impeccable and enticing- all these adjectives suit the best to this sophisticated hair do on the wedding ceremony. the look is unusual and unique. It will definitely make you look like one ardent damsel. The hair accessories beautified with flowers all around the tied knot at the top makes it look more beautiful and intrigued. It easily wraps around all your excess hair and makes you relax in a peaceful zone throughout the wedding ceremony.

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