Silver Wedding Shoes: 10 Most Beautiful

A bride-to-be is always busy hunting for the perfect dress followed by perfect jewelry and make up. In all this she also needs to ensure that she chooses the best pair of wedding shoes, complementing all the aforementioned. The classic white dresses goes best with a glittering pair of silver wedding shoes. The silver wedding shoes have a classic and timeless design which has ravished brides for decades now and they still occupy a prominent place as a preferred choice by brides. Take a look at the 10 most beautiful silver wedding shoes given below. They are trendy, beautiful and adorable.

1. Women’s Cleopatra Silver Sandal
BRAND : Touch Ups
PRICE : USD 73.95

These long, slender and curvy pair of silver sandals are indeed nothing less than an exotic accessory that will complete your wedding profile beautifully. They feature a shimmering metallic foot bed, strapped with rhinestones and geometric link leggings with an adjustable back strap. To give them a flirtier dimension they come fitted with three inches tapered heel and a contrasting black sole that gives it a neat finish.


The dazzling shimmer of the silver sandals and its beautiful curvaceous rhinestone spiral design gives it a beautiful silhouette, perfect for your wedding.

The spiral design of the sandal will comfortably wrap around the ankle without hurting it.
The adjustable strap gives a more comfortable fit.
The wide foot bed allows you to rest your feet comfortably and the skid free sole allows better movement.

2. Tryst Silver Wedding Shoes
BRAND : Stuart Weitzman
PRICE : USD 149.4

Stuart Weitzman believes that not only your wedding dress makes you feel beautiful but your wedding shoes too play an important role. Therefore, she has designed some of the most exotic wedding shoes including the Silver tryst. The platform heels of the sandal are lined with stellar stones in two parallel rows and the upper satin straps have been accented with three beautiful rhinestones.


The whimsical design of the shoes and the creative use of rhinestones and stellar stones sets them apart, giving a delightful aura that not many shoes embody.

The foot bed has been lightly cushioned to give you better comfort.
The platform heel at the front will take most of your weight, making you feel lighter and more comfortable.
The leather sole ensures greater quality and durability.

3. Dyeables Women’s Carly Wedding Shoes
BRAND : Dyeables

The stylish sparkle of the silver wedding shoes makes them perfect for your wedding day. The comfortable heel of the shoes is unique and specially designed for maximum comfort. They lie somewhere between stiletto heels and manmade heels measuring 3 ¾ inches. The front side has a beautiful asymmetrical metallic string bejeweled all along up to the adjustable strap at the backside. The foot rest is completely silver contrasted with a black sole.


The Carly wedding shoes are a silver marvel. Every detail and aspect of the sandal is draped in a shimmering sparkle that will complete your glamorous wedding profile.

The lightly cushioned foot bed ensures a better and comfortable fit.
The wide foot rest and the adjustable strap allows you to wear the shoes more comfortably.
The jewels are securely studded in the upper string and will not come off easily.

4. Women’s Monique Slingback Pump wedding silver shoes
BRAND : Colorful Creations
PRICE : USD 76.95

Brides wanting to look like fairies for their wedding must ensure that they complete their princess look by wearing the right dress and pairing it with the right kind of shoes. The magical design of these sandals is draped in beautiful stain upper accented with jeweled bow on the vamp. An adjustable sling back three inches heel, comfortably supports the silver stain foot bed. The shoe can be worn for a number of occasions and you are sure to have an easy and comfortable walk around places.


The eccentric design of the fairy tale wedding shoes and their feminine elegance makes them a perfect match for your wedding dress.

The sling back adjustable strap is comparatively more comfortable than ordinary straps.
The heels of the shoes are not too high and yet will give you a graceful lift.

5. Silver Strappy Women’s Wedding shoes with Rhinestones
PRICE : USD 28.99

Walk down the aisle of your wedding hall in these glamorous sparkling silver shoes. They feature a rhinestone encrusted T-strap. The strappy pumps of the sandals have padded insole and a textured outsole. The silver straps are adjustable and comfortably rest on your ankles without hurting them. The toe of the sandal is slightly pointed and its heel measures 4 inches from the back top up to the sole.


The elegant grace and the glamorous silhouette of the silver sandals is covered in a shimmering sparkle. You will glide forward comfortably with ease as you take each step forward.

The padded insole of the strap ensures maximum comfort without piercing your skin at the ankles.
The wide base of the foot rest also ensures you remain comfortable in them throughout the day.

6. Lava Kiki Bridal Silver Shoes
BRAND : Colorful Creations
PRICE : USD 54.95

The retro style silver bridal shoes have a beautiful silhouette that reflects a delicate shimmering glitter all the way. They embody a classic fit with a platform supporting the front and a four inches heel at the rear, cut wider for better comfort and a better balance. The entire upper façade of the shoes is embellished with metallic accents giving it a matte finish.


These sandals look so playful and adorable that one feels like putting them on and dancing around like a fairy.

The adjustable strap of the shoes allows you to suit your comfort level.
The front platform makes them easier to walk with as they support maximum weight and feels lighter.

7. Silver Rhinestone Open Toe Platform wedding shoes
BRAND : Pleaser
PRICE : USD 40.8

Pleaser has designed these eye catchy sandals especially for your special day. Their out of the box design and their beautiful silhouette will instantly grab your attention. Their upper front band is covered up in silver satin and the heel counter glitters with rhinestone anklet band that has a ribbon tie. The dress leather outsole of the shoes is soft and its 2.5 inch dress heel is extremely comfortable.


The beautiful rhinestone anklet band is the main highlight of these wedding shoes.

The broad foot rest of the silver shoes allows you to comfortably rest your feet without hurting them.
All the rhinestones have been securely fixed and will not come off of years.
The sandals can be worn for occasions other than your wedding as well and are a safe investment.

8. Coloriffics Sizzle Milan Bridal shoes
BRAND : Coloriffics
PRICE : USD 57.99

This sparkling pair of sandals has been inlaid with rhinestones all over including the toes, the platform and even the heels. The straps as well as the foot rest are both draped in rich silver stain with a metallic tone. The upper design of the sandals feature beautiful cutouts over the feet which end with an adjustable strap at the back. The heels are not too high and keep comfortable.


The super fine layout of the cut design of these silver wedding shoes along with the rich satin drape gives them a timelessness that is rare to find.

The satin drape of the wedding shoes is indeed soft and will keep you snug comfortable all the while.
The heels of the shoes are not too high and not too low, therefore they will allow you to walk comfortably.

9. Coloriffics Sizzle Milan Bridal Silver Wedding Shoes
BRAND : Coloriffics
PRICE : USD 57.99

This is a high heeled silver wedding shoe and every angle of this shoe sparkles brightly. The platform, the heels, the upper part, all are covered with small sparkling silver tots. A shinning narrow band of the silver stones adorn the upper part of the sandal just over the feet. The heel of the sandal is 4 ½ inches tall but feels lesser due to the platform in the front.


High on glamour, these sizzling silver wedding shoes will add an extra spark to your wedding dress and complement your overall looks.

The heel of the shoes are high, yet they won’t feel as higher because of the platform in the front.
The broad base of the shoes allows your feet to rest comfortably.

10. Coloriffics Gala Bridal Silver Wedding shoes
BRAND : Coloriffics
PRICE : USD 51.99

Bold and sexy, these silver wedding shoes are all about flirting and playing around. Fulfill all your wishes on your wedding and make a bold statement about your independence with these adorable shoes. They have a fabulous silver glittery finish and with a 3.5 inches heel and an adjustable strap. The sole of the sandals is black and contrast well with the silver overalls.


Glittery, glamorous and bold, these shoes have an over the top design. What makes them special is that they embody a simple design that has been crafted beautifully with an unmatched finesse.

The solid heel of the shoes ensures that you can walk comfortably without any tilt in the heel.
The single back style of the shoes has a buckle and a bit of elastic that further enhances the comfort level.

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