Social media is a bane for weddings

Today, the world can be seen to be experiencing an age that is dominated by social media and all of the peripherals that it accompanies. The social media and networking sites had originally been designed as a method for people to keep in touch with each other and share the ongoing events in their lives in a much better manner. But, it can be seen that people are today so involved with keeping their lives on display on the social networking sites that their real and everyday lives are being influenced. People today can work extremely hard to maintain certain falsified personals online. These online personas can more often than not be extremely pretentious and can have almost nothing to do with how the individual is in real life.


Also, social media today has given rise to another particular problem that has become quite difficult to tackle today. The way in which privacy is being hindered because of these social media sites in quite unthinkable. Today, people can take a picture of anything they want with their Smartphones and they can then upload these pictures on the many different social media avenues that are present. This makes it absolutely impossible to keep anything private in their lives from being the subject of examination and often, ridicule in the social media websites. In reference to this, one situation can revolve around weddings.


The common problems

A wedding can be considered to be one of the most momentous and important occasions in the lives of all people. On this day, people cannot afford to have even a single aspect to go unplanned or out of the ordinary. This includes the wedding pictures and the photographs that go to the ceremonies. But, in this day and age of Smartphones and social media, even this is turning into a serious problem. Today, a lot of couples make it a point to prohibit the guests at their weddings to take images and upload the same on the social media sites. But still, it can be seen that some overly enthusiastic guests would ruin the occasion for their friends by clicking pictures and uploading them for the different kinds of social media websites.

Some of the most common problems involve bridesmaids clicking photographs of themselves in their wedding day attires and uploading them on social media sites before the wedding. This can effectively ruin the surprise for their guests.

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