South Africa’s Robben Island Prepares for the 14/2/06 Wedding…Valentine Day

Wedding craze has caught the entire world it seems. Not only are bookings pouring in the registration offices for the 6/6/6 wedding but also for the Valentine’s Day.

South Africa’s Robben Island is caught up in the marriage fever with an unexpected fierceness. The marriage officials are getting ready with their wedding sermons for the unavoidable rush that they will have to handle on the 14th of this month.

An official disclosure has said that for the time being seven officers are kept ready for the big day.

The wedding package is very affordable with 150 per package that includes an Island Tour.

Palesa Morudu, the head of the Robben Island Museum told that though the ambience in the Island is very serious for such kind of gala event, still it is considered that getting married in the Robben is to Glorify ‘Celebration of hope’.


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