10 steps that should be followed for an enduring relationship

It is indeed a wonder how couples so easily get divorced from each other. Yes, there is indeed much valid reason for such a drastic step.

Here is some thoughtful advice if followed will surely produce effective results.

Communication: The most important of all is that there should never be a verbal gap between both the partners. This is the base of all relationship. If you lay bare your feelings to your partner then there will be no reason for you to worry about anything.

Spouse First: The most important thing in your life should be your better half and nothing else.

Team Work: Marriage is not a race amongst you both but a mutual co-operation.

Caring: You should take care of one another’s feelings. Never pass any sarcastic comments.

Be Happy: Only if you are happy and kind yourself can you expect the same vibes from others.

Show interest: Always show interest in what your better-half says. Don’t think that since that subject doesn’t interest you, you should neglect what he /she says.

Friend’s: You should always have a close buddy even though your spouse is the closest person that you have: as you might want to share some thing’s with your friend too.

Compromise: Always remember that your spouse needs space and can feel irritation sometimes. Don’t counter attack.

Romance: A very important factor is romance. Just as the way you used to go out before marriage and take time for each other continue doing the same thing even after marriage.

Counseling: Always seek advice from experts if you think that you are facing some problems.

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