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Spruce up your Old Style Wedding Theme with these Vintage Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Old style wedding themes remain very popular today, with couples who opt for these themes to bring back to the limelight, an era gone by. The traditional look of an old style themed wedding is priceless. It would also create the opportunity for everyone to dress up in vintage dresses for the event. If you are looking at an old style themed wedding idea complete with the vintage dresses, here are some bridesmaid dress ideas you would find interesting.

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Do some research

It would be hard to zero in on the dress that you want for your wedding. However, research a little bit and the sheer number of options you can get for vintage themed weddings will surprise you. Determining the fit and price would be secondary only. Do not compromise on your ideas and get the dress that you want for yourself and your bridesmaid.

Make sure you communicate your idea to the groom as well, for you do not want him to stand out like a sore thumb at the wedding. Talk to each other and share your ideas so that you choose vintage outfits that complement each other nicely in color as well as style.

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New Vintage

Vintage dresses do not necessarily have to be old and already worn by others. You can find plenty of new vintage dresses that have been tailor made to suit the particular era and look. These gowns are also custom made to fit you perfectly.

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Old Vintage

Of course, if you cannot afford a new vintage dress, you can always opt for old ones that are still in very good condition. You will find many of these so-called old vintage dresses would have been worn only once in their lifetime. So shop around and see if you can get a couple of them for some cool prices. You may have to alter their sizes a bit after purchase though.

Sometimes it may be hard to get an entire set with the same style and color. If this is the case, then consider opting for individual looks for each bridesmaid. If possible, they can opt for the same colored dresses, but have slight variations in the style.

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Getting a vintage wedding gown and bridesmaid dress is just the beginning. You would need to accessorize these outfits properly if you want to carry off the look with elan. So do some research on the accessories normally used for vintage style dresses and choose those that complement the outfits that you got.


An old style themed wedding will never go out of style. If you plan to have such a wedding, then your plans would need to start with the wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses. These tips would help you in choosing the right dresses for the occasion.

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