Quirky wedding ideas

Do you wish to keep the wedding a private affair? Or are you really not the traditional- wedding-at-the-church types?Then here are a few quirky ideas you can think about.

exotic wedding


This is surely the last resort for many couples who do not get family assent for their wedding. However, many are finding it adventurous to elope to a distant island or a far off getaway resort or beach. You can just be the two of you, marry each other and return to give a grand reception or after wedding party. This can be a great idea if you are falling short of budget or wish to keep it personal.

money payment

Economical wedding:

Do you want to keep the wedding inexpensive? Then, there are tons of ideas to do so. You can always ask help from your family and friends. Buy some old furniture to set the mood, ask your friend to bake the cake and take help from the family to cook the meal.

Moreover, if you are looking for some cheaper options, you can start growing flowers in your backyard in advance and get the floral decorations done using them. You can also stitch your dress with your own design from the nearest local tailor. Ideas or themes for the wedding can be selected from some online research.

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding:

Destination Weddings are becoming quite popular nowadays. Many tourism operators too are including them in their operations. However, you need not rely on these operators. You can plan it on your own too.

It can be a simple affair with the couple, their family and a few friends. You, however, need to get the arrangements, such as ticket bookings, hotel bookings, etc. done before hand.


Keep the attire simple:

Wedding dresses are quite a tedious and expensive factor of a wedding. However, you need keep it traditional. You can be a bit flexible with the designs and fabrics. Understand one thing; you are the centre of everyone’s attention on your wedding day. You surely are going to look fabulous on your wedding day.

Hence, wasting a lot of time thinking what to wear, which color to wear etc can be avoided. Be confident about wearing what you think is comfortable.

Surprise Wedding

Surprise Wedding:

Throw a surprise wedding to your guests. Invite them to a party, and let them be surprised to see that it’s actually your wedding.


These unique ideas can surely make your wedding memorable. You can think of such quirky ideas on your own too.

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