How to get suitable phrasing for formal yet untailored invites for my bridal shower in wedding stationery?

I am a bit perplexed with the kind of wordings for my Bridal shower invite and as it is not included in the wedding stationery, my fiancée has advised me to do it myself as it would be great idea according to him. Now, I do love writing short poems, and this was why I wondered whether a short poem or verse would make it somewhat interesting. However, my dad has advised me to be formal, as the guests would be more of his office friends, and he would not like the cards to be very casual. I would really like to know from some wedding expert about the best possible thing to do, as I am in a fix, and I don’t seem to get any idea to think about something really formal, but with suitable phrasing. I would love to get some advice over it now, therefore, please suggests aptly! Thanks.

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