Summer wedding tips

Many couples prefer to have summer wedding, but there are few things that has too be followed if the wedding has to be a success.

Check the list:

No Exposure to Sun

Any form of exposure to the scorching hit of the summer sun will ruin your celebration. Since the bridal dress is already so bright, direct touch with the sunrays will make the colors fade out real soon. As for the groom, if he is wearing a tuxedo, he will have a tough time rubbing off the sweat.

Avoid Direct Flash

It is best to avoid using flash directly as any form of light while taking photographs. Flash should be used generally with either indoor light or sunlight to have an effective result.

Garden Wedding

It is always best to go for a garden wedding during the summers because since it is going to be an outdoor wedding there will be lot of greenery around to keep you fresh.

Well, this is for all the brides: for a hot day try out this seductive summer bridal gown tailored by Colombian Designer Liliana Fierro:

dress for summer wedding


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