The Ultimate Wedding Video Shot List

Wedding Video Shot

Building up a client base is never easy in any profession. This is especially true for one as competitive as the wedding industry. So if this is your bread and butter, arm yourself properly. To be taken seriously as a wedding videographer, you have to be on top of things. The last thing you want to do is show up unprepared.

One of the best ways to prepare for a wedding is to compile a list of video shots. The list should be prioritized, with the most important shots at the top. You can always add extraneous shots to the bottom of the list. If there is time to squeeze them in, great. If not, you’ve already captured the shots most important to the couple.

Don’t try to guess which shots are a must-take and which aren’t. This is a good way to miss out on something someone else considers important. Throughout the day, pre, during and post-ceremony, different shots are needed. It’s best to have a list for each part of the day.


Wedding Video Shot

For example, key moments leading up to the ceremony should be shot. This means capturing the bride and her attendants as they prepare. It means getting her thoughts on tape before she starts the walk of her life. These are the moments she will cherish when she watches the video with her new husband.

When it comes to the groom, certain shots are important too. His wedding preparations are just as meaningful as his bride’s. Ideally, you’ll want to ask the bride and groom the same question about each other. Seeing and hearing each other’s answers after the wedding will be a poignant moment for both.

Once the bride and groom are taken care of, you can set up for their ceremony arrival. It’s always good to capture them exiting their cars or limo. The next shot can be the ceremony site itself. Getting a shot before anyone arrives captures the calm before the (albeit happy) storm.

Ceremony Start/End

The start of the ceremony signifies a new set of shots you’ll need to complete. Getting the groom arriving at the altar is one of them. Then it is time to turn the camera on the waiting guests. The bride will want to see how anticipated her walk down the aisle was. This should be followed by her trip to the altar.

As the ceremony moves along, dad giving away the bride is a moment for the cameras to catch. The couple’s vows are the biggest must-have shot of the day. Make sure to get their walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. The send-off guests give the happy couple should also be filmed.

Cocktail Hour

Wedding Video Shot

The time between the ceremony and reception is traditionally a cocktail hour. This is when you can get shots capturing the reception venue before the fun begins. It’s also a great time to get the bride and groom’s thoughts again. Doing so will help their wedding video flow better.

Generally, this is also when you get certain shots of the wedding party. Lastly, the mingling that takes place during the cocktail hour is something to catch on camera.


By the time you’ve made it to the reception, the hard part is over. Most videographers would agree this is the easiest part of the day. Catching all the meaningful moments at the reception can be done during the first half. Then all you have to do is capture the highlights the rest of the night. Impromptu moments tend to fill this time. These are the moments that make each couple’s video unique.

Getting just the right shots will cement you in their mind as the best wedding videographer. You can ensure that they are picture perfect by having an expert wedding video editor look over them. When you do, you can hand the video over to your clients with confidence. The reputation you will build for yourself will be indestructible. Next thing you know, a couple’s friends will be seeking you out when are seeking the best of the best in wedding videographers.


Follow a checklist for each part of the wedding. The more organized you are, the better the day will flow. You are the front line when it comes to capturing memories of the big day. The video footage you provide couples with is invaluable. So the more impressive your work is, the more business you will get. Never overlook the importance of the wedding day shot list.

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