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Covid 19 came out of the blue and changed our lives completely. We can no longer move about freely as before, and probably this is the first time in History, when the entire planet has been affected by the same calamity. Social distancing, washing hands with soap and water and covering our mouths and noses with masks is the new normal. Just any mask is not effective against the deadly virus, so check out these tips to buy the best, most effective masks to stay safe.

 Why should you wear a mask?

COVID-19-outbreakMasks are here to stay for an indefinite time, as the vaccine to combat the virus is not out yet. You have to wear masks or cloth coverings to be safe from the respiratory droplets of infected people, and also to keep others safe from you, if you have been unknowingly infected. According to WHO, you can get infected even by breathing in the air which has been infected by a Covid 19 positive person, or asymptomatic person, which is why face masks are most important.

Masks usually come in the boring blacks or blues, but to break the monotony and to look great while following protocol, Designer Face Masks are the new fashion statement. These masks protect you, in style!

All masks are not effective however, so check out these tips for the best masks for you. 

Tips for buying best face masks

1. The fabric should be thick

The-fabric-should-be-thickMasks should be made out of a thick fabric which can block the virus from escaping from you or protecting you. A thin mask will not have the required filtration, and it is of no use buying the thin masks. The best masks are the N95 masks which provide the best filtration of particulate matter and germs. Ideally, the best masks have a water-resistant layer, to block respiratory droplets efficiently. 

2. Pay attention to the design

Masks which have dual layer design are the most effective. Dual layer, heavyweight cotton masks with thread count of more than 180 is preferred. A mask which has a simple outer layer made of cotton, an outer layer will also work. Avoid masks which are made from lightweight cotton, as even dual layer masks made from thin cotton is not effective. 

3. Check for a HEPA filter

Check-for-a-HEPA-filterIf possible, try to get hold of a mask which has an additional filter such as a HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. These filters are designed to filter 99.7% of particulates which are about 0.3 microns approx. in size. Some designer face masks also have these filters for extra protection.

4. The mask should be washable

The face masks should be cleaned to remove any virus present inside or outside. The best masks do not change the shape and size after washing. Experts recommend that masks should be washed/sanitized after each time it is worn.

Except for masks with filters in them, or with metal pieces in them, you can wash the masks in your washing machine. When you touch the exterior of the mask, (while opening them), be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, to wash off any virus that might be transferred to your hands. 

5. The mask must be breathable

The mask must be breathableA mask might provide good filtration, but if it is not breathable, then more air is bound to escape through the gaps on the top and sides, reducing its effectiveness. So the mask should be breathable, which would make it easier to keep it on too, for longer periods of time. 

6. Mask should be secure and comfortable

The masks should fit well, without any gaps on top or on the sides. But it should not be too tight either, which might discourage you to use it. The material should be soft and smooth against the skin, and not scratchy and rough.

Excellent filtration, breathability, washability and comfort are the signs of a good mask. Practicing social distancing, wearing the right face mask, washing hands frequently, along with other precautions will keep you and your family safe!

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