Tips for the perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal

Well Valentine’s Day is only few days away: the market is already buzzing with new products and innovative concepts to lure the love birds. So here is Titanium Ring Studio who is offering you the much needed tips for the big day. And folks here are the best part of the tip’s package. They are offering a free wedding band.

Appropriate Location

Guys if you are planning to pop up your question with a diamond or Titanium Rings than you better decide the place that you wanna take your love to.

No…no…at dinner

Don’t you dare to make a fool out of yourself at the dinner table? You will only end up spoiling the day: because as usual Valentine’s Day is already a reason to get all the restaurants jam-packed. Choose a silent corner before asking her the BIG thing.

Perfect Ring

Hmmm… the ring that you will slip in her finger should be of course a diamond one coz as the saying goes diamond is a girl’s best friend.

Keep it Secret

Make it sure that you maintain secrecy about you plan. Give her an overwhelming surprise.

You really mean what you say

Let her feel it that you really love her and it is not just a casual proposal.


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