Tips for wedding day emergencies # 1

Wedding day is without any doubt the most hectic yet wonderful day of your life: but if you are faced with situations that leave you baffled, don’t panic: because here are a few practical tips that will be your last minute savior before the days rendezvous.

Save your gown

Supposing you were penning down a pre-wedding love note to your hubby and suddenly ink sprinkles all over your gown, what will you do?

Take a cotton swab, put some hairspray in it and gently rub the ink stain.

Water Mark

For the water marks that is quite likely to show up when you have tears in your eyes or you are sweating, just pick up a hand steamer and run it over the marked area and then softly iron it.

Make up

You will surely be struggling with your make-up when you have to put on a smile the entire day and with the feathery lips touching your face over and over again your make up is bound to be in a mess.

Wherever you fill that the make-up needs to be fixed, press a tiny soda club and sprinkle little bit of salt there so as to soak up the excess moisture. Dry it off; give it a finishing touch with white chalk or talc.

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